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Prepared by James Mattesich, Justin Prochnow, Anthony Cortez and Greg Sperla.

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) announced on March 7, 2014 that it is considering implementation of the most significant changes to Proposition 65 regulations in more than two decades. Dietary SupplementsBecause OEHHA’s proposals are currently in the preliminary stages, businesses that stand to be affected by OEHHA’s plans, including those operated out of state, have an opportunity to voice their concerns to the agency. OEHHA will hold a public workshop on April 14th to discuss the proposed regulations. OEHHA is also accepting written comments from the public up until May 14th.

Given the potentially far-reaching consequences of the proposed changes, interested parties should be diligent in bringing their concerns to OEHHA as early and as persuasively as possible. OEHHA aims a number of significant changes directly at food and dietary supplement manufacturers, distributors and retailers.