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On March 31, 2017, the D.C. Circuit held that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lacked authority under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, as amended by the Junk Fax Prevention Act
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Several class actions have been filed recently against companies offering music and video subscription services online for allegedly not complying with California’s Automatic Renewal Laws (California Business and Professions Code § 17602). This statute may apply whenever a company enrolls a California resident in an “automatic renewal” or “continuous service” Yes-Nooffering, where the customer’s subscription or service is renewed until he or she cancels. To comply, a business must take three steps:  (1) clear and conspicuous disclosure of essential terms of the subscription offer, (2) obtain affirmative agreement by the subscriber to those terms, and (3) provide a copy of the terms, including how to cancel the subscription, in a form that the subscriber can keep for his or her records.
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